Head work - stress relief

Dr. Wolff - Stress relief

It is important not only to care for physical fitness and to get rid of symptoms, but also for one's mental well being. If you have an issue that stresses you a lot, you can try to relax by thinking about  the topic while putting both 2nd and 3rd fingers on the neurophysiological reflex zones on your forehead (see picture). Let the pulp of your fingers rest on those zones for a 60-90 seconds (or as long as it feels right) and try to feel the texture of the tissue underneath. Think of the subject but try not to work at it. The fingers might start to move with the skin, let it happen.

Focus  now on your breathing, if it is restricted, if one side of your lungs is  less engaged or if there is an asymmetry in breathing.  Try to get the breath as far down into your sides and stomach area. To help abdominal breathing, you can place your hands on different parts of your body: both on the stomach, both on the sides, both just below the kidney area. You can also put your fists! in your back and start breathing to where they lie. After a few moments you will feel the tension melting away.

If you want to learn more, read about the reactions on stressors by Selye (hier auf deutsch).