Pianisten über die Ω-Methode©

"Diese Methode ist fantastisch - es müssten eigentlich alle so üben und unterrichten…"

Vitaly Margulis

"Dagmar Wolff merged her expertise in music and teaching with the fields of practicing physiology, hand therapy, brain research, motor control research, performing arts medicine and musicians' physiotherapy, resulting in the development of an individually-tailored - optimal instrumental technique."

Michael Roll


Wissenschaftler über die Ω-Methode©

"I had the opportunity to hear her play and discuss her Modul Practicing Techniques that she developed... I strongly encouraged her to get this module in a book that could be easily implemented by other educators..."
Nancy Byl, MPH, PHD, PT, FAPTA
Professor and Chair Emeritus, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science