Neck routine prior to practice

Dr. Wolff - Neck Routine Prior to Practice

To start practice, you assume your playing position (standing or seated). Then you go through this routine to prepare:

1. Close your eyes, feel how your body is aligned in space. Take a deep breath, follow through and feel how deep your breaths go. Focus on your head position, then gently say "no no no no no no" shaking your head a few millimeters.

2. Rotate shoulders backwards, starting to draw them up to the ears, then backwards until 9 o'clock; stress the lower quarter until 6 o'clock, than back up to 12 without a lot of attention. The BACK half and the lower quarter are the most important ones. Try to feel if there's a side difference in tension.

3. Evaluate your posture again, both sides equally high? if not: use the "Upper-Trap-Stretch" to lower tension.

4. Imagine a source springing from your shoulder joint. An oily, golden liquid is pouring down the insides of your arms, the liquid brings a nice warmth and - as it runs down your arms and hands - it is dripping down your finger tips. Feel how your arms are nicly awake and circulation is increased.