Offers for professional orchestras

During everyday orchestra duty, between rehearsing and playing evening concerts, one can hardly fit in individual practice. Individual musicians have to deal with time and spacial constraints, suboptimal lighting, loudness such as musicians being seated in front of brass or percussion etc., not least the position at one's stand is influencing posture and performance. My offer covers the following:

  • healthy warm-up exercises (with and without the instrument) for preparing the body for playing (also custom-tailored to the repertory played)
  • 5 exercises to prepare the musculo-skeletal and sensory systems for playing/rehearsing
  • 5 exercises for better regeneration after practice
  • 10 exercises for touring (back muscles, healthy posture, back-neck-muscles, relaxation just to name a few)
  • techniques for efficient practice (chunking, segmentation, mental training, resting during rehearsals)

My offer is directed towards professional orchestra musicians, who want to survive playing things like Wagner's Ring better, in a healthier manner. Moreover, one's own practice can be optimized and made more efficient. Please contact me for individual coaching.

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