Performing Arts Medicine for Instrumentalists

As a medical doctor, a musicians' physio and pianist/instrumental instructor I treat all instrumentalists, not only pianists, who seek my advice in order to improve their musical aptitude and technical ability for being able to use their body in a more efficient and physiological way.

Treatment is structured as such, that a musician presents with a certain problem or question, for example, an injury which hinders playing, a movement restriction, pain - or "just" an orchestra excerpt or a difficult passage from a solo piece. The problem is analyzed, a bodily assessment is taken, the structure in focus is treated. After that, the problem needs to be analyzed at the instrument. If a piece is troublesome, the passage is analyzed, discussed with the patient, a movement analysis is carried out and potentially adverse movements or playing behavior are identified. Patients are becoming aware of undue tension, mental hinderances are resolved. In subsequent practice sequences, the passage is learned and stabilized, after which it is re-assembled into a greater phrase and musical context.

Instrumentalists are experts for their given instrument who use me as a "talking mirror" with physiological and psychological knowledge. Each treatment session is guided by the intention to re-install bodily integrity - and inspired by the thought that musical intentions must be defined prior to chosing a technical way of realization. If a musical idea is not clear, the body can only fail in rendering it a perfect way.