Last-minute warm-up: Nervus medianus mobilization

Dr. Wolff - last minute warm-up, nervus medianus mobilization

This is where the exercise helps: You are behind the curtain, just about to go on stage - fingers cold, you cannot possibly play a few notes. The following exercise serves as a warm-up without instrument.

1. Assume a good sitting /standing position, elongate your spine and tuck your chin in. Now, stretch out arms and hands to the side (palms facing forward). Stretch arms out slightly behind you, but only as much as the stretch you feel is a light stretch.

2. Look at your hands, see them as doors that can open and close. Now let them open and close from the wrist (no turning movement, move just in ONE PLANE, to the back of your hand, to the palm) in an alternating fashion (one opens, one closes at the same time).

3. The flexor sides of both arms as well as fingers 1-3 will start tingling slightly/feel activated - the median nerve supplies those areas.

4. Move slowly and gently, so you don't exert any force. It should not fatigue the muscles but only activate the median nerve. Move 5-8 times at quarter 80. THEN STOP and feel how blood circulation increases. Feel your hands tingling slightly, being larger than before, warmer, nicely activated.

Tell me, if it works for you!