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Dr. Dr. Dagmar Wolff beim Vortrag für mArts

Every day, I meet musicians who want to start doing more for their health - many of them have suffered injuries which were related to playing their instruments.

In my work as a medical doctor with a specialization in performing arts medicine, as a musicians' physiotherapist, pianist and instrumental/music educator, I treat musicians with an integrative approach:  I not only help them achieve their best playing abilites - be it as a preventive measure or as part of their rehabilitation after (playing-related) injuries, I also incoporate the training of awareness towards growing as a human being, aspiring to a balance in life and greater depth of musical imagination and creativity. Since almost 20 years, I work with musicians of all levels of proficiency to optimize their playing or to get back on stage.

I work with you to re-gain function of injured body parts, towards re-integrating newly acquired skills at your instrument. While optimizing awareness, you learn how to optimize your practicing techniques in order to avoid re-injuring yourself. I also teach a wide range of mental practicing strategies, imagination and meditation, individual warm-up and cool-down schemes, ergonomics and exercises for touring or busy concert schedules.

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A Triad of Instrumental Education, Prevention and Rehabilitation

After suffering a severe injury of my hand 23 years ago, I could not draw back on fast tracks of specialty treatment in Performing Arts Medicine: My personal journey led me through several sets of surgery, pursuing degrees as a pianist - artist and several teaching diplomas, earning a degree in physical therapy and - finally becoming a medical doctor - all for being able to fully rehabilitate myself, to optimize piano technique, to research instrumental learning and playing strategies, rehabilitation strategies, and to bring all this together and pass it on to young aspiring musicians who want to prevent injury or overcome injury.

Since more than 20 years I work at the cross roads of Playing, Instrumental Education, Musicians' Physiotherapy,  and Performing Arts Medicine.

In my Performing Arts Medicine Clinic in Leipzig, I teach injured musicians to re-learn skills pertinent to their playing in a safe manner, I help musicians to reduce the risk of new injury by employing healthy playing and practicing techniques, and musicians are shown how to enact their musical intentions in the best possible manner.

In addition, I collaborate with colleagues from all adjacent professions in order to assure the quickest possible route to diagnosis and treatment in case of injury.

What Patients Say

"Thank you so much for all the help you gave me! I have been doing the exercises you prescribed to retrain my hands. They have helped me a lot. I haven't had pain at all."

Sabrina, Pianistin

"When I first contacted Dr. Wolff, I had consistent trouble with my hand for five month. I had been treated by famous doctors but no improvement was in sight. Standing at the doorstep of Dr. Wolff's practice, I was agitated, almost without hope... Dr. Wolff listened very attentively and wrote everything down. Then she examined my hand very carefully. Ten minutes later, I was given the correct diagnosis. -...- In July it will be three month since my first appointment - since 2 month I am free of pain."

Olga, Pianist

"At night, both hands start to feel numb and tingly -  then the entire arm falls asleep. The effect of a night's sleep is totally lost. The common remedy in state-of-the-art medicine would be a surgical stiffening of my cervical spine. But who wants to go there as a musician? 

Thanks to the exercises prescribed by Dr. Wolff, the supplementation of Vitamin D3 - which was more than depleted - and her treatment with a technique called Applied Kinesiology, I can look forward to the next few years as a violinist!"

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Feedback by Researchers and Fellow-Musicians, Teachers and Therapists

"She has managed, more or less single-handedly, to develop a new coaching/training method for piano, ... , and has purchased and learned how to use a 3-D movement analysis system to study the hand-kinematics of rather advanced-level pianists learning with her system. It is all rather phenomenal to me that someone could do all this. [...]  I thought that this is the kind of person needed to bridge the gap between the motor-skills/laboratory work and the high-level music work."

Richard A. Schmidt, Los Angeles

Pianisten über die Ω-Methode©

"Diese Methode ist fantastisch - es müssten eigentlich alle so üben und unterrichten…"

Vitaly Margulis

"Dagmar Wolff merged her expertise in music and teaching with the fields of practicing physiology, hand therapy, brain research, motor control research, performing arts medicine and musicians' physiotherapy, resulting in the development of an individually-tailored - optimal instrumental technique."

Michael Roll