Optimization of practicing strategies

Musicians is semi-professional ensembles have but little time for individual practice - due to their manyfold other commitments. Rehearsal periods are strenuous and require playing for long hours at a time.

My offer is aimed a orchestral musicians, who want to play their instrument in a more relaxed manner, who want to use their practice time more effectively, and who want to reduce practice time by optimizing practice structure. The offer also targets those who just want to stay healthy when they play their instruments.

My offer for semi-professional orchestras:

  • Warm-up exercises (with and without instruments)
  • Exercises for regeneration
  • Introduction into physiological playing/practicing strategies
  • Practicing of difficult passages (key strategies for efficient practice)
  • if needed, individual sessions

Duration is variable, it might be scheduled prior to practice sessions, in rehearsal breaks, or for intensive rehearsal periods. The first 45 minutes are free of charge. Bitte nehmen Sie Kontakt mit mir auf: dagmarwolff@t-online.de oder https://www.musikermedizin-leipzig.com/kontakt