More than "just practice"

Looking at the job description < MUSICIAN >, it is not only required to excell at one's instrument. Musicians need to be in command of countless skills and knowledge in several fields of interest.

As instrumetnal educator, my work is based on physiological and psychological principles of learning. Those are derived from sports medicine, brain science, learning psychology and the like - and have been adapted to the needs of musicians.

My instruction covers all instrument-related difficulties, be it pain while playing or performance anxiety. If needed, I will refer my patients to other specialists.

Topics covered

I teach aspects of staying healthy throughout one's entire career as a musician; I teach practicing physiology, efficiency, motivation, coping with stress, the use of relaxation techniques as much as the use of individual training and practicing schemes for daily practice and touring  the world. Sessions are held in my private practice, but can also be rendered via Phone or Skype. This way you are not bound to a specific city, but can access the services from anywhere you are - I can be your "guide in the pocket", on your smartphone etc.

Contact me for your own, individuale concept - based on your personal needs.

You can acquire the following skills:

  • optimal preparation for auditions and concerts
  • techniques for overcoming practicing blocks and performing anxiety
  • avoiding adverse bodily effects of playing difficult repertory
  • optimization of one's practicing routine, especially towards competitions and auditions
  • optimal exam preparation (be it entrance exams or degree program exams)
  • structuring one's practice according to scientific findings on learning and motor control
  • audition training (only in Leipzig)

Wahrnehmungs- und Haltungsschulung

Musicians can acquire an optimal technique by using the technique of rotational awareness on their posture, their playing/practicing habits, etc. Scientific concepts like "Flow" (Pursuit of Happiness), "Deliberate Practice", "Meta-Cognition" will be employed here.

Those concepts can be learned and practiced under my guidance. Here, I function as a "speaking mirror" which points to distinct properties of playing - for example to musical intention which did not come across to me as a listener; to tension which I detect while the musician is playing; to aspects of posture or movement quality. I use techniques that are very similar to Yoga, der Alexander-Technik, Feldenkrais, Dispokinesis etc. - all of which are bringing about a hightened state of awareness towards one's own posture and movement quality.

Prevention of playing-related injuries

Musicians should have the "basic human right" to have access to performing arts medicine education well before they enter a professional career. They should be enabled to stay healthy as long as they want to play their instrument (weather for a living or not).

I work with many experts of all pertinent sciences to assure the optimal treatment of my patients and students.

All preventive measures are going back onto a guideline for prevention (Leitfaden Prävention) - adapted to the needs of musicians.