Practice smarter during a heavy concert or tour schedule

Professional Musicians can hardly find time for their "own" practice while being in the usual routine of rehearsing, playing concerts and touring. Rehearsals are subjected to ergonomic or spacial requirements of the room (limited space in the orchestra pit, sub-obtimal lighting, supply air, sound levels, playing position at one's stand just to name a few).

In order to ease the effects of the above, my courses cover the following topics:

  • healthy warm-up routines without the instrument and at the instrument for preparing the body for strains (also tailored to repertory played)
  • exercises for a physiological "wake-up" of the musculoskeletal apparatus and for enhancing awareness on playing-related processes
  • regeneration exercises
  • short exercise program for touring (targeting back muscles, core stability, healthy sitting/standing posture, shoulders, arms and hands; relaxation)
  • strategies for efficient practice (chunking, segmentation, mental training, planning of practice and rest)

This course for professional (orchestra) musicians offers insight into strategies on how to avoid extra strains on mind and body (for example playing Wagner's Ring). Moreover, the techniques discussed help to make one's own practice more efficient and healthy.

I offer both group and individual sessions. Orchestras can also book me for travelling with them on tours or individual concert appointments.

The offer can be tailored to the individual orchestra's needs (prior to rehearsals, in rehearsal breaks, for workshops etc.). A short introduction in to the strategies stated above is free (15 - 45 minutes).

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