Sitting posture

Dr. Wolff - Sitting posture

1. Sit on your piano bench / chair - feel the sit-bones.

2. Imagine your pelvis being a bowl which can contain water. Pour some water out (tilt your pelvis forward) and then take some water back in (tilt pelvis backwards). This relates to sitting in front of the sitbones (pouring water OUT) and behind the sit bones (filling the bowl).

3. Sit ON the sit-bones, and then move 1mm (just a bit!!!) forward as if you poured a few drops out. That's an optimal sitting position (at least for the pelvis). See how it is much harder to slouch in your thoracic spine if you have a sitting position in FRONT of your sitbones. Wanna try the couch-potato variant? Just collapse and round your spine and move BEHIND your sitbones :-)

4. So back ON and slightly in FRONT of the sitbones (stay there!) - now lift your chest bone up. Imagine that a third eye is on your chest bone, which wants to look up, not to the floor in front of you.

5. You might now do some shoulder shrugs backwards, or some neck stretching, or some of the other exercises from the Blog...