Feedback zum Team-Teaching mit Fabio Marano

Dagmar Wolff has worked a lot on how to structure musical ideas and render them into physiological movements. My students could improve their level of awareness, they tried out and incorporated warm-up exercises and learned to better coordinate highly complex coordinative tasks. When technical difficulties arose, Dagmar Wolff was able to offer each student individual solutions. She commands an astonishing repertory of practicing strategies, which she discussed and applied with my students. My students learned how to use foresight while playing and that the most important prerequisite for an optimal rendering of a technical difficulty is to have the most precize musical imagination. Moreover, she showed my students how to prepare for technical difficulties within a piece with costum-tailored exercises derived from that very difficulty which needed to be addressed. Several students mentioned to me, that they where more immersed in practice and would thus save practice time.

Dagmar Wolff's audition training showed great results. Her analysis and "organizing" of difficult passages resulted in the immediate resolve of difficulty.

The unique quality of our shared lessons was that each of us has gained new perspectives on teaching. For me personally, it was a very rewarding experience. I gained important insights for my own practicing and playing. I can now shape my own playing in a deeper manner and I have furthered my own technical abilities. The practicing techniques I learned, I now pass on to my students, and the beautiful thing is: This also works in lessons with children, and increases the joy in playing and maximizes success.