Performance and More

My classes use different angles to approach musicianship:

1. The primacy of consciousness-approach - how do I feel while playing and which musical idea is primary to my playing? How to develop the sharpest and richtest possible imagination of any given piece?

2. The didactic approach: How to further the most efficient way of practicing?

3. The physiological approach: How to move efficiently and in a healty manner?

For all musicians, awareness in practicing as well as daily life is crucial. I teach them how to become aware and reflect all aspects of practicing, to optimize them and to love practicing is paramount to a long, successfull and healthy career.


Regelmäßig gebe ich Vorträge im Rahmen der Vorlesungsreihe "Musikermedizin" der HMT sowie als Referentin des mARTS-Projektes der HMT.