Performance and More

My classes use different angles to approach musicianship:

1. the musical approach - to develop the sharpest possible imagination of any given piece.

2. the pedagogical approach - to further the most efficient way of practicing, and

3. the physiological - to move efficiently and in a healty manner.

For all instrumentalists, practicing is crucial - and a central activity in their lives. To learn to reflect all aspects of practicing, to optimize them and to love practicing is paramount to a long, successfull and healthy career.

Netzwerk Musikermedizin Leipzig und die HMT Leipzig

Am 4.12.2019 lese ich wieder in der Vorlesungsreihe Musikergesundheit zum Thema "Mentales Üben" - eine interdisziplinäre Reihe zu musikermedizinischen Themen.

Wo: HMT Leipzig Dittrichring, Raum 21

Wann: 17:00 bis 18:30