Rehabilitation at the instrument

Instrumentalists having suffered an injury need to return to their instruments as soon as medically possible. They can add to their medical (physiotherapeutical) rehabilitation by a specialized instrumental rehabilitation. This must be in line with contra-indications ans the stage of healing.

Due to my qualifications as a physician and a state-registered physiotherapist, I treat musicians following injury or trauma in order to help them to resume playing professionally.

The treatment can be supplemented by "normal" physiotherapy sessions (in Germany, those require a prescription). I offer support for musicians suffering from focal dystonia, tendinitis, overuse symptoms, postural difficulties, surplus tension - just to name a few.

I try to enable musicians to return to their instrument as early as possible, paying close attention to adhere to contra-indications.  A close collaboration to the doctors in charge is mandatory.

In my treatment approach, I design costum-tailored warm-up and practicing schemes, which aim at the main problem of the injury without neglecting all other playing parameters.

Do not hesitate to contact me in order to find out if you could benefit from such a specialized instrumental rehabilitation. In Germany, there are possibilities to get funding to follow such a rehabilitation scheme. I am glad to render details upon request.

Rehab Funds for Musicians

Please contact me to discuss, which kind of rehabilitation is suitable for you. I can give some information on where to get financial support - and I can guide you through the application process.