Learn from your cat: myofascial release

Dr. Wolff - myofascial release

Have you ever felt like needing a good stretch - like the one a cat would perform once in a while?

Your muscles are invested in fascia, connective tissue, which allows the body to juggle the dichotomy of stability and motion. The role of Fascia has become acknowledged as crucial in skilled movement, in shock absorption, in injury mechanisms and rehabilitation - in short - it holds us together and lets us move.

Caring for your fascial system means inviting yourself for a treat. This is how it works:

Stretch out your arms and keep that stretch throughout the exercise. Once you are in the stretch, wait for the body to guide you to move where-ever it wants to go. If you listen to your body, the resulting movement is a dance of your body, moving into your direction of ease. Pause at a position when you feel it is time for a pause. Continue moving when you feel, it is time to continue. You might find yourself in silly positions, you might change from lying to sitting to standing and back - let it happen. See how you feel afterwards.