Pianists who suffered from (playing-related) injuries or trauma have to return to their instruments as early as possible and medically advisable. They need - in addition to specialized medical treatment by a physician or via physiotherapy or hand therapy - a specialized and highly informed piano rehabilitation. Instruction must be in line with the needs inflicted by the stage of healing, and must strictly adhere to contraindications and physiologic principles of movement.

Due to my qualifications as a physician, a state-registered physiotherapist, and piano instructor, I rehabilitate pianists presenting with problems after injuries and playing-related disorders in order to help to re-assume playing professionally. Treatment sessions can be rendered as solitary measure, the can be augmented by piano lessons or in conjunction to physiotherapy sessions (those require a doctor's referral, which I can issue). My treatment targets affections such as focal dystonia, tendinitis, overuse symptoms, postural malalignment and resulting pains, as well as tension and muscle strains. I also assist pianists who want to optimize their playing and practicing habits and technique.

Another goal is to help musicians who have undergone surgery to return to their instrument as soon as possible. This requires a sound knowledge of (contra-) indications and a close collaboration with other medical specialties involved.

In my treatment and teaching, I develop costum-tailored warm-up and practicing schemes, that are tailored to the injury and stage of healing. They target the main problem without neglecting all other parameters of playing. The stage of healing, your individual goals and your repertory are considered closely before starting to derive exercises from playing repertory and to return to full difficulty.

Please contact me in order to find out if such specialized treatment is indicated in your case / for your rehabilitation. For patients who hold a German health insurance, there are sources of funding available to musicians who are not privately insured; am happy to render details upon request.