Performing Arts Medicine for beginners

Single and Group Settings available.


Becoming acquainted with healthy playing techniques
Introduction into "practicing wisely"
Analysis of playing mechanics at the instrument
Analysis of performance situations
Practicing schemes, regeneration programs
Introduction into Mental Training

Piano Technique Optimization and Rehabilitation of Playing - advanced patients

In Addition to the content listed above:

Technical and Movement Analysis of repertory, enhancement of expressivity
Analysis of pieces and choice of "adequate" technical means for a given musical thought/idea
Optimization of practicing, performance training
Health Aspects while playing
Body techniques, mental training
Warming up schemes, cooling down, recreation after playing

Piano Rehab/Optimization - professionals

60 - 90 minutes, once a week or upon request


Analysis of posture and movement
Optimizing of instrumental technique using 3D-kinematography
Treatment of movement disorders, neurological or orthopedic problems
Optimization of posture, playing mechanics, practicing strategies.
Movement analysis (3D-kinematography)
Development of personalized warm-up schemes or bodily exercises
Analysis of technical difficulties/passages
Preparation for the return to stage
Performance strategies
Remedies for stage fright
Tour programs
Advice for practicing difficulties

Zusätzliche Angebote

Alle MusikerInnen können im Rahmen meiner "Offenen Bühne" Auftrittserfahrung unter dem Eindruck der neuen musikermedizinischen Aspekte sammeln. Für Profis werden auf Anfrage Konzerte organisiert.

Materialien werden für jede/n Schüler/in individuell angepasst und auf die aktuellen Bedürfnisse abgestimmt.