Last-minute warm-up: Nervus ulnaris mobilization (Nov 7)

Dr. Wolff - Nervus ulnaris mobilization

This exercise can be done in addition to the Nervus medianus mobilization just before going on stage. Make sure not to move harshly and not to fatigue muscles but to give them a smooth motion, a run-through of nerve impluses. This stimulates blood circulation and increases activity in both motor and sensory areas of the brain.

1. Assume a good sitting /standing position, elongate your spine and tuck your chin in. Now, stretch out arms and hands to the side at shoulder level. At first, the position is as if you wanted to fly. Now lift your hands - your pams are now facing away from you as if you wanted push aside two walls.

2. Now, bend one arm at the elbow, leaving all other joints as they are. Your fingertips of the bent arm should be pointing towards your neck, as if you were leaning in bed, reading a book. DO NOT TWIST AND TURN YOUR HANDS while bending your elbow. In this position, the nervus ulnaris, which supplies ring finger and pinky, is stretched. The exercise takes the nerve through it's entire range gliding capacity. Thus, it is freed from micro adhesions and nurtients get to it more easily.

3. Move the arm which is bent out again, as if you wanted to stop someone from coming closer. At the same time, the straight arm is bent in the elbow, to end nead the neck, fingers pointing to the collar bone.

4. This will result in an alternating flexion/extension of both arms, which mobilizes the nerve. Move 5-8 times, quarter 80. If you the stretch is too strong, limit the excursion of the movement to a place that is easy for you.

Summary: Last-minute warm-up before going on stage by means of gently movements of both arms to increase blood-circulation, nerve conduction and muscle recrutation and awareness of body.